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Abstract : Disasters have continued worldwide, and these events constitute an essential concern for nurses in pursuing a strategic map to address this issue. As a discipline that plays a fundamental role in delivering disaster care, PHNs will be part of the discipline and are expected to participate actively in disaster management programs. This review paper investigates the foundational competencies of PHNs in dealing with the disaster recovery phase. An integrative review approach is achieved with various sources of information from an intensive search of the related literature by multiple methods. In developing the foundational competencies of PHNs in this study, nurses' knowledge, skills, and competencies in the disaster recovery stage launched by the organization's review papers and research papers will be discussed. Literature was searched by using a keyword combination as follows: "disaster mitigation" or "disaster preparedness" or "disaster-prone population," and "disaster recovery phase" and "the role of nurses" or "community disaster nursing. The main focus on PHNs competencies at this stage is assessing public health impacts and health promotion for the community. To participate actively during this period, they must possess knowledge and expertise in disaster management to work effectively in the event of a disaster. Moreover, intensive and sustained health promotion must be improved to raise awareness of potential risks to their quality of life following a disaster or catastrophe.