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Abstract : One of the most prevalent structural birth malformations is cleft lip and palate, which is a common congenital anomaly. Feeding, facial development, swallowing, speaking, as well as psychosocial issues that have an effect on the infant and parent, are just a few of the systems and functions that are impacted by its effects. Standard feeding methods could not provide the baby the right nourishment. If the problem is significant enough obturators for feeding will assist the baby get suction and will make it easier for the baby to eat properly. Also obturators can facilitate weight gain, and proper nourishment of the infant with the cleft lip and/or palate before having repair surgery. For this reason the purpose of this study was to give the reader, caregivers, and health centers concerned with the care of infants with cleft lip and palate the necessary information about the feeding obturators, indications of their use, types, and benefits.