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Abstract : The paper was aimed at the study of the relief pattern of the albino rat colon mucosa using the graphic reconstruction method, which is the necessary prerequisite for planning and conducting specific experimental studies. 10 albino rats weighted 200,0±20,0 g were involved into the study. The specimens of albino rat colon, fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin solution, have been studied. Conventional anatomical preparation was carried out aimed at dissecting those organs or individual formations that complicate investigation of the object under study, namely the colon. Imaging of the studied objects was made using the digital camera. The use of the graphic reconstruction method to study the colon mucosa provides with clear analysis and visualization of the features of the relief pattern of the mucous membrane of the ascending colon of albino rats. The graphical reconstruction method can be recommended for widespread use in morphological studies of the hollow organs of laboratory animals.