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Abstract : Drug resident who experiences anxiety problems and mental unrest as a result of signs and symptoms arising from drug abuse. This condition is the background of drug residents seeking calm and social and spiritual support. And one form of therapy that includes this to help residents is to do Virtual Reality Spiritual Freedom Technique (VR-SEFT) therapy. Explore the experience of drug residents before rehabilitation and after receiving Virtual Reality Spiritual Freedom Technique (VR-SEFT) therapy. Qualitative research with a descriptive interpretive approach with 2 steps, namely Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on officers of Makassar State Detention Center Class 1 with a total of 6 people and semi-structured in-depth interviews on drug residents totaling 8 people. This research was conducted in Makassar City, precisely at the Makassar Class 1 State Detention Center in July-August 2023 This research uses instruments in the form of recording devices and field notes. There are 6 themes obtained in this study, namely: 1) Factors that influence drug use in patients in Narcotics Correctional Institutions; 2) The impact of drug use on patients in Narcotics Penitentiary; 3) Lack of awareness and information related to drug abuse; 4) The form of implementation of Makassar Class 1 Detention Center Health Officers and the National Police and its benefits for the prevention or handling of anxiety due to the effects of drug use; 5) Impact of Virtual Reality (VR)-based SEFT therapy on drug user patients; and 6) Effectiveness and continued intervention in the development of Virtual Reality (VR)-based SEFT therapy applications in patients with drug cases. VR has great potential as a therapeutic tool by offering participants a safe rehabilitation space so as to build self-efficacy through role-playing in a realistic environment that allows the transfer of skills learned in VR into real life and represents a promising intervention strategy to address the course of prevention and treatment of drug patients.