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Abstract : The leading causes of death in both developed and developing countries are cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and cancer. The importance of doxorubicin, as a potent antitumor antibiotic and induce cardiocytotoxicity was studied. It is commonly used against ovarian, breast, lung, uterine and cervical cancers, soft tissue and primary bone sarcomas. Omega-3 fatty acids are regarded as immune-nutrients and are commonly utilized in the nutritional therapy of cancer patients. According to our knowledge there is no study linked the effects of Omega-3 on the immune markers level among DOX-induce cardiotoxicity, Therefore, goals of this study was to assess the potential protective effects of Omega-3 fatty acids on cardiotoxicity caused by DOX by measuring T(cTn- T) and some immune biomarkers include CCL23,CCL27,MIF in rats model using Eliza technique. The rats were divided into five equal groups. Group 1 got no treatment, group 2 received doxorubicin single toxic dose 20mg/kg IP, and groups 3,4,5 received doxorubicin toxic dose 20mg/kg IP following pretreatment with Omg-3 at different doses (100m, 200, 400 g/kg /day p.o) for 4 weeks, respectively. At the end of the experiment, blood samples were collected from the heart for measurement of plasma levels of cardiac troponin T (cTn- T) and serum levels of immune-biomarker (CCL23,CCL27,MIF) using the ELIZA technique, and the apical side of the heart was fixed in 10% formalin for histological examination. In comparison to the control group, pretreated Omg-3 groups with doses showed a highly significant reduction in the mean of the concentration of markers include cTn-T,CCL23,CCL27, MIF with p <0.001, while they showed significantly elevated mean in DOX alone group (P≤0.01). The histopathology results showed that groups pretreated with Omg-3 reduced the myocytes necrosis and granulation tissues with mild signs of sarcoplasmic vacuolization and inflammation regarding to the doses dependent effect. The results of the present study revealed that Omg-3 have been shown to decrease doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity and showed a valuable cardioprotection effect through suppression of some immune-biomarkers and change the histopathological features of cardiomyocytes.