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Abstract : Identify relationship between CDC program and overall management evaluation. Identify relationship between CDC program and their human resources management. A descriptive study was carried-out between (200) nurses's in the medical field. at Babel Teaching Hospital for Maternity and Children. The scores obtained for answers to closed-ended questions were applied to determine the knowledge scale about overall management evaluation. This was done to evaluate quality assurances program in relation to the development of the hospital's human resource management. The results showed that the vast majority of health institution lacked human resources, including administrative funding, and were closely related to a degree of knowledge of the training program about quality assurance and human resources (P-value =0.001). The study summarize that the majority of health workers are not trained in the infectious disease control program for both sexes, deficiency of supervision of quality lead to negatively affects the management’s quality evaluation. In additional insufficient human resources, most health workers are not obligated to wear their own equipment. Encouraging health workers, through health education, to adhere to established control protocols, and infection prevention and control guideline. Provide newly nurses with training courses based on standard precautions at regular intervals.