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Abstract : Systemic diseases showed a clear impact on the various organs of the body, prompting many researchers to study their impact and complications, and one of these diseases is diabetes mellitus, which affects the nerves and peripheral vessels. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the effect of diabetes mellitus on the nutrient canals in the oral cavity through digital periapical radiography and the relationship between which nutrient canals appearance and the incidence of diabetes mellitus. This study included 75 patients with diabetes mellitus and 75 healthy patients attending either the oral medicine or endocrinology departments. The study objectives and work procedures were explained, and written informed consent was obtained from all patients who participated in the study. The random blood sugar test was made for all participants, and a periapical radiograph was taken for the anterior region of the mandible. Data were analyzed with a chi-square test. An increased frequency of NCs in DM patients (64%) with a significant p-value (p=0.000) was observed. However, this study could not establish any association between the prevalence of nutrient canals with gender. This study suggested that a higher frequency of NCs on mandibular anterior, and IOPAR may be employed as an ancillary screening and investigative support in underlying systemic disorders.