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Abstract : Identify relationship between the communicable diseases control program and nurses' sociodemographic characterized. Identify relationship between CDC program and their nurses' practices of hand washing. An analytical descriptive study conducted on (200) nurses's working in the communicable diseases unit at AL- Murjan Teaching Hospital, the study tool and questionnaire from period the 2st of January 2022 to 2th of March 2022, samples were taken in an appropriate manner, they were randomly selected. The questionnaire was used as a tool for collecting information to achieve a goal the study, the first section is about personal information sheet, and the second part is the standard hands washing practices about communicable disease program, descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data, which comprised0 [frequencies(f), mean (m), standard deviation(sd.), and inferential statistics for instance chi-square (χ2), which included the variation between two squares test]. The results of the study showed that the majority of the sample members did not participate in the training courses for the communicable diseases of both sexes and they have little knowledge, at a significant level (P ≤ 0.05), with regard to gender, the majority of them are males. The study summarize that the majority of health workers are not trained in the infectious disease control program for both sexes. Moreover, the majority of staff do not adhere to the axis of the hand washing program in addition to the protocols laid down for the prevention and control of infection. The study recommends to application and training for national program commmunicable disease control, and continuous medical educational program for all staff is the most important point.