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Abstract : One of common post-burn hand deformities is finger nailfold contracture and deformity. To evaluate the versatility of distally based bipedicled flap technique in correction of post-burn finger nailfold reconstruction. 24 fingers, of nine patients, with postburn finger nailfold deformity, submitted to reconstruction from January 2013 to June 2014, in Al Wasity hospital in Baghdad, using distally based bipedicled flap. A distally based bipedicled flap was designed over the dorsum of the distal phalanx, with fishtail darts placed on each side. The donor area was covered with FTSG (taken from the groin) and fixed with a tie-over bolster dressing. After six months follow-up, most of patients showed satisfactory results regarding both contracted finger nailfold and nail growth. There was no case of total flap necrosis. Apart from minor complications, such as slight bulky flap and hyperpigmented skin graft in flap donor site, no major complications were observed. The distally based bipedicled skin flap is shown to be a simple, reliable, one stage, and effective technique to reconstruct most cases of postburn finger nail fold contracture and deformity. It has the advantage of correcting the associated nail growth deformity through the same surgical procedure with minimum complications.