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Abstract : Many methods preserve the dimensions of hard and soft tissues, these methods include the use of bio-materials, bone grafts, and membranes, these methods aim to ensure a sufficient volume of soft and hard tissues, which preserve the cosmetic and functional aspects in fixed and over implants prostheses. This study aims to compare socket seal surgery and atraumatic extraction in causing bone tissue dimension changes. The sample of the study included 24 extracted teeth and was divided into two groups: the socket seal group and the atraumatic extraction group. Data were collected and CBCT was taken immediately after extraction and 6 months after extraction to measure bone changes. Data were analyzed using SPSS. The results showed a statistically significant difference in the change in width between the two groups at the 5 mm measurement level. In contrast, no statistically significant differences appeared in the vertical change or the change in width at the 5 mm measurement level. The study concluded that the application of socket seal surgery using an epithelial connective tissue graft can reduce the horizontal resorption of the alveolar bone after extraction.