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Abstract : Beta thalassemia major is a typical illness in the Mediterranean bowl and it prompts early passing of the patient on the off chance that not treated and it is a general medical condition in numerous nations. To assess a few wellbeing and social boundaries in beta-thalassemia significant patients through the investigation of an example of these patients. The review arrived at the outcomes, which are; that the most noteworthy level of side effects of spleen broadening is (65%) because of the shortfall of hyperplasia, trailed by the event of expansion, however without raising the spleen or eliminating it by (27%). Concerning viral examination, the most elevated rate that showed up through reiterations was as to (Hbs Ag-ve) by (64%), while (HCV-ve) by (82%), and as to (ve + HIV) by (72%). Incidentally, the most elevated level of the above tests is (HCV-ve) by (82%). Concerning the purposes of (Use of the deferral - Receive a siphon - Use of X-stray pills), the recurrence showed us that (64%) utilized Deferral, while the utilization of siphons was the most elevated level of the individuals who didn't utilize it with seven frequencies adding up to (82%). With respect to taking X-Gad pills, the outright greater part take these pills.