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Abstract : This paper aims to evaluate the effect of the alcoholic extract of the Vitex agnus castus on the histological structure of the testes of adult White rabbits. In this study, 12 White male rabbits were used, which were divided into two groups, The first being the control group and its number was 4 rabbits, and the second group included 8 rabbits, and this group in turn was divided into two groups with 4 rabbits for each group. The two groups of rabbits were injected with the alcoholic extract of the Vitex agnus castus at a concentration of 100 and 200 mg of extract/kg of body weight. One concentration per group is injected for 30th days. At the 30th days, the treated animals was sacrificed and the testes were removed from them, and then their tissues sections were prepared. The results obtained from this study showed that all the animals of the two groups of experiments that were treated with the extract showed a change in the thickness of the walls of the seminiferous tubes in the testes and their appearance became undulating and irregular. Also it was observed that some germ cells were Shed and depleted and collected in the lumen of seminiferous tubes and the appearance of Phagocytic cells inside the cavity and congeston of blood vessels. This study concludes that Vitex agnus castus can reduced the number of sperms in the testes and resulting in damage to the testes which the regularly usage can lead to infertility.