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Abstract : Diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is the most common type of malignant lymphoma. EBV status have been used as prognostic markers to predict prognosis and determine therapeutic strategies with some controversial evidences on both DLBCL subtypes. Our study was the first study in Indonesia aimed to evaluate differences of EBV status between both DLBCL subtypes as well as to assess the immunophenotype profile. We selected 40 DLBCL cases (20 GCB and 20 Non-GCB subtypes). The classification for each subtype was determined using Hans Criteria. EBV status was evaluated by two independent observers with a cut-off point of 20% to define EBV positivity. Kappa analysis was used to reduce bias. EBV-positive was found in 4/40 (10%) cases and most were patients with non-GCB subtypes. Our results showed a satisfactory agreement between the two observers (kappa 0,952). We found that EBV-positive was more common among non-GCB subtypes.