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Abstract : Venous varicose of the epidural is regarded as an infrequent cause of the root of the nerve, impingement, and theca sac compression that cause the radiculopathy of the lower limb. The essential purpose of the study is to focus on this problem during the process. It also aims to focus shed a light on using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) before the operation. This research also attempts to evaluate the outcome of the surgery. Symptoms of epidural varicose with radiculopathy are rare and the diagnosis is often inaccurate by preoperative clinical examination and radiology investigations. Thus, in many cases the diagnosis is made intra- operatively. The 12 cases were age between 34 and 51 years old were 7 females and 5 males who have consulted our outpatient clinic from 2014 to 2020 complaining from acute radicular pain in the lower back and down to lower limb. MRI was done for them and showed disc herniation. Intra operatively revealed an abnormal dilatation of epidural vein impingement on nerve root and spinal cord. We initiated a thermo coagulation of the epidural vein from proximal to distal ends at disc level and used gel foam patch to control bleeding that was removed all at the end of operation. Then, coagulation ablation was performed. The operation resulted in relief of symptoms and neurologic recovery occurred during follow up period. According to our cases and previously published case reports, the outcome is good with recovery of neurological signs and symptoms that can be obtained by coagulation ablation of epidural varicose vein.