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Abstract : This study aimed to determine (1) the feasibility of the Endorphin Massage module as a learning media (2) the effectiveness of Endorphin Massage module in increasing midwives' knowledge about Endorphin Massage. The method used in this study was Combine Method between Research and Development (RnD) with the Pre-Experimental One Group Pretest-Posttest. Sampling was carried out using the Purposive Sampling Technique which were 40 samples. The data were analyzed using statistical analysis through Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test. The validation test results from media experts were 90.9% in average and the validation results from material experts have an average of 92.7% which indicate that the Endorphin Massage module is very feasible to use without revision. User validation results (midwives) in a small group which consisted of 10 midwives with an average eligibility value by 89.5% and large-scale user validation results in 30 midwives with an average eligibility value by 93.4% showed that Endorphin Massage module is very feasible to use. The results of the effectiveness of using Endorphin Massage module found that the average pretest score (before intervention) was 63.6 in the sufficient knowledge category and the average posttest score (after intervention) was 77.6 in the high knowledge category. Based on the analysis of the pretest and posttest results, there was an increase in midwives' knowledge about Endorphin Massage before and after the intervention. There is a significant difference between the midwives’ pretest and posttest values. Endorphin Massage module is feasible and effective in increasing Midwives’ Knowledge about Endorphin Massage.