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Abstract : The Healthy Cities Movement in Indonesia has been carried out, although it has been officially effective since the issue of a Joint Regulation between the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Health in 2005. Lorong (alley) are the elements that need attention in realizing healthy cities because of their very complex issues, including cleanliness, awareness, and inadequate infrastructure. The involvement of various community groups from the lower level is still not maximized in several areas. There is a need for an appropriate lorong community empowerment model. This study aims to improve the model of community empowerment in the lorong to create a healthy city in Makassar with management-based interventions. The study designs used descriptive qualitative design with 30 Informants. Based on the results of interviews with various agencies, it was found that the conditions of the alley people in Makassar City varied. Some report had knowledge regarding how to protect the environment but did not implement it. Healthy lorong should be able to provide a sense of security and comfort to the people. An informal approach through the door-to-door method is one of the keys in empowering the lorong community. The challenges in realizing healthy alleys are the level of public education and awareness regarding environmental health.