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Abstract : Benign vocal fold lesion cause alteration of lamina propria epithel then lead to dysfonia. Voice therapy is the first line treatment of benign vocal fold lesion. Low compliance affect increasing number of recurrences. Intralesional vocal fold steroid injection could be alternate adjuvant in management of benign vocal fold lesion. To assess efficacy intralesional steroid injection in benign lesion vocal fold patient those after underwent laryngeal microsurgery. Data collected from RSUD Dr. Soetomo medical records. Design of this study is retsospective descriptive analytic. We reviewed 8 medical records patients who underwent laryngeal microsurgery removal of benign vocal fold lesion and acquire intralesional steroid injection for consecutive periode Jan 2017 until Des 2018. Score assessment of VHI-10, GRBAS & fiberoptic laryngoscope reviewed before and after intralesional steroid injection. We obtain 8 medical records of patients those underwent intralesional steroid injection following laryngeal microsurgery. VHI-10 scores show significant alteration after 1 month following intralesional steroid injection (p 0.001) and 6 month (p 0.002). GRBAS scores show significant change after 1 month following intralesional steroid injection (p 0.011) and 6 month (p 0.012). Fiberoptic laryngoscopy evaluation shows 2 patients (25 %) have recurrence after 1 month. Adjuvant therapy of intralesional steroid injection have significant effect in relieving dysphonia symptoms that assessed by VHI-10 and GRBAS score. Further study is required to get better objective measurement as such as MDVP assessment and stroboscopy imaging.