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Abstract : There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a child healthy and happy. Every child has the right to be protected from all forms of abuse, discrimination and exploitation, and the right to protection is the right to live in a safe and protected environment that preserves the well-being of the child. The aim of present study to determine the effectiveness of the educational program on teachers' knowledge and attitudes toward school violence and find out the relationship between teachers' knowledge and attitudes with regard to demographic characteristics. A quasi-experimental design was implemented through the current study with the application of pre-program testing, and post-program testing for the study group from September 15, 2020 to May 10, 2022. The researcher created the program and tools to reach the study objectives. A purposeful, non-probability sample of (80) primary teachers was selected so that the data are representative and accurate. The sample size (80) teachers divided into two groups. The selected teachers were equally distributed to two groups (study and control) (40) participants per group. During the study group, the educational program dealing with school violence presented online was shown. The program was not shown to the control group at all. The effectiveness of the management program is measured using a knowledge test that includes (31) items. (15) items knowledge regarding the causes of child violence, (16) items regarding signs that may alert that the child may exposed to violence. The results of the study indicated that the study group had poor knowledge regarding causes of violence, poor knowledge regarding the signs that may alert that the child may expose to violence, while there was an improvement in study group knowledge at the post-test about the causes of violence, also improvement in signs may alert that the child may expose to violence. The results of the study indicated that the study group had negative attitudes toward school violence while there was an improvement in their attitudes in the post-test after applying the program. The violence Management Program works to enhance teachers' knowledge regarding the causes and signs that may alert that the child may exposed to violence, as well as enhance their attitudes toward the phenomenon of school violence. There was an improvement in teachers' knowledge and attitudes after the study group exposed to an educational program related to violence management. While the control group did not show any improvement with regard to knowledge and attitudes of school violence in pre and posttest. High teachers’ education level effect on their knowledge positively; Age, marital status, and educational level affected their attitudes toward school violence.