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Abstract : The number of people with HIV continues to increase and it is a common concern of the government and society to be able to realize zero new cases by 2030. There are many programs carried out by the government, one of which is increasing education about HIV/AIDS to adolescent groups. To analyze the effectiveness of Health promotion on Anana Moane and Kalambe Sala: Community Intervention Based on Local Wisdom in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS Infection in Wakatobi. Using a quasi-experimental method with a pret test design and a post test two group design to analyze the differences between the two intervention groups. The population is Anana Moane and Kalambe Sala members of the community in Wakatobi aged 17-25 years as many as 68 people. Data analysis using Normalized N-Gain and Independent T tests to see the methods that had the most significant effect on changes in participants' knowledge about HIV/AIDS. There was a significant influence of Health promotion carried out in 2 intervention groups on the knowledge and attitudes of Anana Moane and Kalambe Sala regarding HIV/AIDS Prevention Efforts, but the most influential health promotion was an effective training method in increasing the knowledge and attitudes of Anana Moane and Kalambe Sala. Adolescents' knowledge of HIV/AIDS is still limited, so it requires efforts to approach and educational methods according to local culture as explained to Anana Moane and Kalambe Sala to increase knowledge and change attitudes so that new cases of HIV/AIDS, especially in adolescents, can be reduced.