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Abstract : To determine whether or not a naturally occurring antioxidant, known as GSE, can prevent the bleached enamel surface from being discolored when exposed to a staining solution (tea). And also to compare the color change improvement potential of 10% GSE on home (35% carbamide peroxide) and in-office (40% hydrogen peroxide) bleach after staining. A total of 64 freshly extracted intact human premolars were collected for the experimental groups. The sample were divided into two mains groups in office (hydrogen peroxide 40%) and in home (carbamide peroxide 35%) each main group contain 32 tooth sample subdivided into 16 teeth immersed in artificial saliva and 16 teeth treated with grape seed extract (GSE) then each subgroup divided into 8 teeth immersed in distilled water and 8 teeth immersed in tea as staining solution. Results showed that there was a significant difference in color stability between the office and home bleaching in each antioxidant and media except in artificial saliva there is no significant difference when the storage media is tea, this indicated that bleaching is enhanced by the application of antioxidants (GSE) even after discoloration with tea.