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Abstract : The present study was designed to detect the histopathological and physiological changes in kidney which resulted from hyperlipidemia and treatment of it by simvastatin and aqueous extracts of garlic, cinnamon and mint. Fifty four for male rats were divided randomly into nine groups, the first group (control) received diet without cholesterol while the second group administrated cholesterol for inducing hyperlipidemia induction, the third group treated with simvastatin after hyperlipidemia induction, the fourth, fifth and sixth groups treated with aqueous extracts of garlic, cinnamon and mint at 75 mg / kg/day respectivelly, while the seventh eighth and ninth groups were infected by hyperlipidemia and treated with same extracts at 50 mg/kg/ day. The treatment by simvastatin and extracts of plants was continued for one month. The results of present study showed a significant increasing (P≤0.05) in indicaters of kidney functions (urea, creatinine and uric acid) in lipidemic group while these parameters were decreased significantly (P≤0.05) in treated groups with drug and extracts f plants. The microscopic examination of kidney sections in hyperlipidemia group revealed to edema, enlargement canals of renal tubules as well as absence, contraction and death of glomeruli, while the treatment by drug and plants extracts led to return normal structure for kidney.