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Abstract : Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and obesity were chronic metabolic disease and the main cause of other disease such as heart disease and cancer. Previous studies have proven the role of the FTO gene in the development of obesity. Ninety Iraqi women aged from 25-45 years were enrolled as a samples in this study collected from teaching hospital and the women and children hospital of Al-Diwaniyah province from October to December 2020. Sixty women were suffered from obesity and T2DM and 30 were apparently healthy considered as a control. Tetra- ARMS molecular technique was used to detect the rs17817449 genotypes and allele frequency. Study data to analyzed by Chi-square, Odds Ratio (OR), LSD, P-value and Duncan multiple ranges test used to detect the significance of the means. The results showed significant decreasing in HOMO-IR and Uric acid values in obesity study group compared with control (2.00 ±0.19 versus 4.43 ±2.19; P-value =0.0456) , (4.78 ±0.25 versus 5.37 ±0.18; P-value =0.0044) respectively. While the HBA1c values was increased significantly in obesity + diabetic group compared with control (7.56 ±0.38 versus 4.32 ±0.15; P-value =0.0001). Genotype results of rs17817449 TG heterozygous was associated with diabetes compared with control (66.66 versus 40% ; χ2 = 4.28 ) for TG. The results of this study concluded rs17817449 TG heterozygous was associated with incidence of diabetes in Iraqi patient women.