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Abstract : Patients who will be hospitalized tend to experience stress. It will adversely affect the patient's illness during hospitalization. Admission and orientation are introduction and orientation given to patients and their families at the beginning of hospitalization; it is to help the patients to adapt to the unfamiliar situations of a hospital. Very few investigate the effect of good orientation on patients' stress reduction at the beginning of hospitalization. Thus, it needs to be studied more deeply. This study aims to determine the effect of the quality of nurses' admission and orientation to new patients on their stress in hospitalization. This is an analytic observational with a cross-sectional design, with 100 respondents participating in the study. The admission and orientation quality variables and the patients' hospitalization stress level variables were measured using standardized instruments. The chi-square statistical test and the Relative Risk (RR) test tested the research data. The results significantly affect the quality of patient admission and orientation and their stress level during hospitalization (p<0.05; RR = 2.46). This study concludes that poor admission and orientation will double the risk of increasing the stress level in patients during hospitalization.