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Abstract : Purpose of the study on the background of the analytical study of the incidence of diarrheal infections in Ukraine under the current conditions, to determine the factors influencing epidemic situation. The processes of globalization, fundamental changes in nutrition and water consumption contributed to the fact that the significance of individual infection sources, ways of invader transmission, etiological structure of diarrheal infections changed. Epidemiological and statistical research methods are applied. Statistical processing of the study outcome is carried out using software application Microsoft Office Excel 2010, Statstica 6. The epidemic situation with diarrheal infections in Ukraine is characterized by a low incidence of typhoid fever, shigellosis, stable incidence rates without the downward trend, salmonellosis, high incidence of diahrreal infections of specified etiology and diahrreal infections of unspecified etiology. The most complicated epidemic situation is observed in economically most developed regions of the country. Most diarrheal infections outbreaks are connected with catering establishments 36.5 % and with children educational establishments 26.1 %. In the region with the highest shigellosis and salmonellosis incidence direct strong correlation relationships are established between the incidence and population, density, natural population movement. The oblasts with the highest diahrreal infections of specified etiology, rotaviral enteritis, diahrreal infections of unspecified etiology incidence are at least provided with water resources and have problems with provision of high-quality drinking water.