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Abstract : The Fuzzy Delphi method has been widely used in numerous research disciplines to systematically collect expert input on a specific topic. It has also in recent years gained popularity in health-related research. This study aimed to apply Fuzzy Delphi Method in identifying elements for designing and developing an online immunization information system. Methodically, a list of items was collected from the literature review consists of elements and functions necessary in developing an immunization information system. A total number of 30 items were selected and categorized accordingly. The questionnaire was later sent to a group of experts in their respective fields with expertise in public health and immunization information systems. This study then employs the usage of Fuzzy Delphi Method in which was using Triangular Fuzzy Numbers and Defuzzification process in further data analysis. In the checklist evaluation, twelve experts were involved in evaluating 30 items. A 100% response rate was obtained from all the twelve experts. Post Fuzzy Delphi Method analysis, nine items (30%) did not fulfil all prerequisite during the analysis, therefore those items were discarded from the final draft. Application of Fuzzy Delphi Method are useful in obtaining expert opinion and consensus to decide on the item’s suitability to be included in the immunization records database. These accepted items can be further used in developing an online immunization information system.