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Abstract : Cigarette smoking remains one of the major risk factors for rising mortality and morbidity worldwide. It has direct and indirect effect; among the many adverse health effects, smoking can lead to secondary polycythemia, which is common. This research including the study of total bilirubin levels, Sodium, Potassium and some of clotting factors in smoker's polycythemia in the province of Karbala. To achieve this aim (200) samples were arranged in two groups, (100) samples were patients (males) with smoker's polycythemia attending Imam Hussein medical city, and (100) sample healthy males as control. The results appear significantly increase in levels of serum bilirubin in smoker's polycythemia, while the results appear non- significantly changes in Potassium levels, the results show non- significantly increase in levels of serum sodium compared with the results of healthy males (control group). The results appear significantly increase in clotting time (Prothrombin time) and activated partial thromboplastin time values compared with control (healthy males).