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Abstract : the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of NaOCL, EDTA, and triacid-n on the cyclic fatigue of AF rotary files. The study used 40 new rotary files which were divided into 4 groups (n=10) including control, immersion in NaOCL 5.25%, immersion in EDTA17%, and immersion in triacid-n. The files were observed with a stereomicroscope and then immersed for 15 minutes in NaOCL and EDTA and for 5 minutes in triacid-n. A cyclic fatigue test was performed using a stainless-steel artificial canal with a curvature of 120 degrees and a radius of 5mm. The files were rotated with axial movement at 350 rpm until fracture occurred. The time to fracture was recorded and the number of cyclic fractures was calculated. Data were analyzed with one-way ANOVA; the result was a statistically significant difference p= 0.001. To determine where the difference lies, the Dunnett c test was used. Cyclic fatigue resistance was affected by the different solutions, with NaOCL having the highest resistance followed by Triacid-N and EDTA.