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Abstract : In India TB and NCC are the predominant endemic CNS infections with high mortality and morbidity. The clinical presentation usually overlap with each other and other CNS infections, causing dilemma in diagnosis. The study aims to assess significance of western blot of antibody response to both antigens of MTB and Cysticercus cellulosae. We prospectively evaluated 19 CSF samples showing reactivity by ELISA for both MTSE and Cysticercal antigens. Western blot was utilized for confirmation of the immune response. Out of the 19 CSF samples, 13 were reactive and 6 were non- reactive for MTSE antigens by western blot. Positive samples showed reactivity to one or more region at 14 kDa, 18-25 kDa, 30-40 kDa and 67 kDa. All the 19 samples were non-reactive for Cysticercal antigens by western blot although they showed positivity by ELISA. Four of the patients had past history of tuberculosis and one patient had contact with TB case. HIV infection was present in three patients. Low CD4 count was seen in one patient. The study reveals that ELISA can be used as screening test and western blot would serve as a confirmatory test for both CNS TB and NCC.