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Abstract : This concept analysis aimed to clarify the human resource management concept for hospital nurses. This research employed The Walker method. There were eight attributes of human resource management for hospital nurses: 1) human resource planning, 2) recruiting-selecting-orienting, 3) training and developing, 4) rewarding system, 5) performance appraisal, 6) career path, 7) allocating staff system, and 8) maintaining. Maintenance can be implemented in management practices such as disciplinary, engagement, retention, well-being, empowerment, talent, and work environment. Antecedents in the analysis of this concept can be categorized into 1) human resource policy, 2) organizational factors, 3) individual factors, and 4) environmental factors. Meanwhile, the consequences of this concept analysis could be categorized into 1) individual outcomes and 2) organizational outcomes. This analysis emphasizes the importance of alternative approaches to human resource management for nursing staff to improve hospital performance. This analysis will help nurse managers understand the concept and how to implement it differently. Nurse Managers should be aware of the different attributes needed for managing nurses, their antecedents and consequences.