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Abstract : Post-operative sensitivity associated with bleaching is one of the most significant side effects related to tooth bleaching, there were consequently many materials and methods suggested to manage this sensitivity. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of modified bioactive glass (BioMin-F and BioMin-C) on the vital tooth to decrease post-operative sensitivity associated with at-home vital tooth bleaching using 20% Carbamide Peroxide. This study was performed on 30 patients to evaluate decrease post-operative sensitivity using modified bioactive glass in an at-home tooth bleaching procedure. The participants were instructed to apply the bleaching paste 20% carbamide peroxide 4 hours a day for 14 days followed by applying either BioMin-F, BioMin-C, or a placebo paste 30 min a day for 14 days using a bleaching tray. The tooth sensitivity was evaluated by the patients themselves using a visual analogue scale during the bleaching period. The data were analyzed using one-way ANOVA and Bonferroni tests. The results demonstrated a decrease in sensitivity associated with at-home bleaching while using BioMin-F, and BioMin-C during the second week of follow-up compared to the placebo paste (p<0.05). The modified bioactive glass pastes (BioMin-F and BioMin-C) affect the post-operative sensitivity associated with tooth bleaching when compared to a placebo paste.