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Abstract : Community service (PKM) entitled: Community Empowerment of the Sido Maju II Farmer Group in Wonoharjo Village, Kemusu District, Boyolali Regency, through the Cultivation of Garut Plants (Marantha arundinaceae l.), processing of chips, and arrowroot flour carried out as a continuation of the results of the author's preliminary community service in 2020 where the Garut plant has the potential to be developed in the Wonorejo area, the use of manure provides real production results. Likewise, balanced fertilization in the form of manure and NPK gives good results for arrowroot. arrowroot is a source of potential food _ for part of society, with having index glycemic low and content carbohydrate high. Flour arrowroot could replace wheat as an ingredient in food and industry. Arrowroot chips can be obtained from the basic ingredients of arrowroot, the great public interest in arrowroot products in the form of chips and arrowroot flour because the more they understand the benefits of processed arrowroot products, the demand for arrowroot to be processed and marketed is increasing so that it is necessary to empower Garut farmers. Community empowerment of the Sido Maju I, II Farmers Group, arrowroot production is relatively high, reaching 4 tons/ha, but post-harvest management and arrowroot-based product diversification are still low. In order to support the needs of the post-harvest process and business diversification of the SidoMaju II farmer group, it is necessary to provide training solutions and apply the technology that has been developed: Cultivation of Garut Plants for maximum production, making chips and arrowroot flour, given the demand for processed arrowroot in the Boyolali region, Surakarta is prospective, so giving A grated arrowroot tool with a capacity of 20 kg of arrowroot flour has been provided to the Sido Maju Farmers Group to speed up the production process, as well as arrowroot tuber flaking tools for the production of arrowroot chips, so that training in post-harvest management in the form of arrowroot-based food processing, namely chips and arrowroot flour can be empowered in the Sido Maju Wonoharjo farmer group environment, Kemusu Boyolali, Empowerment through arrowroot processing can increase community income, especially Members of the Maju Farmer Group by 30%, citizen participation has increased by 20%.