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Abstract : India is amongst the worst hit countries by the SARS Corona Virus-2 (COVID-19) pandemic. There has been an alarming rise in incidence of COVID-19 associated Mucormycosis (CAM) in patients suffering from co-morbidities. The present study aimed at studying the epidemiology, clinical features, and outcomes of CAM patients. This is a retrospective study conducted in tertiary care hospital in South India from May 2021 to July 2021. Patients who were admitted with COVID-19 infection and had Mucomycosis were included in the study. The epidemiology, clinical features and outcomes of these patients were studied. Twenty-two patients of CAM were included in the study. There was a male preponderance with the male to female ratio being 1:4.5. Diabetes was the most common comorbidity (n=15; 68.18%). Majority of the patients (n=21; 95.46 %) had suffered from moderate to severe covid illness. Invasive fungal sinusitis was the most common (n=14; 63.64%) radiological finding. Most patients (n=20; 90.9%) had received steroids as part of treatment for covid 19 illness. Patients were managed with the combination of both medical and surgical treatment and 18 patients underwent (81.81%) surgical procedure. Nineteen patients (n=19; 82%) recovered after treatment. COVID-19 associated Mucor mycosis has a worse prognosis when accompanied with poor glycemic control, severe COVID-19 illness, and anatomical extent of fungal infection.