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Abstract : Health workers' stigma and discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients affect the quality of services in hospitals. Preliminary studies show that HIV/AIDS patients in hospitals experience stigma and discrimination. This study aimed to describe the causes and processes of stigma and discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients by health workers in hospitals. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative by conducting semi-structured interviews with ten informants from health workers who were selected using the purposive sampling technique. The interview was conducted in December 2020. It worked on elements of hospital management, doctors, medics, and admins from units that provide services for PLWHA starting from the counter, outpatient, inpatient, ER, MNE, OK, and CST Poli. The study's results illustrate that the cause of stigma and discrimination in services to patients with HIV/AIDS is due to inappropriate stereotypes, inaccurate understanding, and lack of policies from hospital management. The process or form of stigma that occurs in hospitals is as follows: Excessive use of protective measures, refusal to take medical action, non-standard services, refusal to touch in care, isolation, physical restrictions, termination of services, and verbal harassment. It is recommended that comprehensive efforts be made by hospitals to eliminate existing stigma and discrimination.