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Abstract : Over the last decades, air pollution in the urban atmosphere has seriously affected human health and the environment. Carbon monoxide exposure causes impaired oxygen delivery, impairs oxygen use and respiration at the cellular level and enhances the inflammatory response. The number of vehicles passing emission tests for three years (2007-2011) in Makassar has increased, but several parameters such as hydrocarbons have doubled. A cross-sectional study was taken on, 31 subjects of traffic police and 34 subjects of staff police, Harbor Police, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The subject’s carbon monoxide level is measured with the SafeBreath (SP.CO analyzer). Based on this study, 47.7% of subjects are traffic police, 84.6% are men and 66.2% are non-smokers. The carbon monoxide level among traffic police is 3.61 ppm and among staff police is 4.38 ppm. According to statistical analysis, we found only one correlation between smoking and carbon monoxide level. Traffic police have a higher risk of pollutant exposure, especially carbon monoxide. Cigarette smoking is the only factor that attenuates the effect of lung pathology in exposure to carbon monoxide.