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Abstract : Rhinoplasty is one of the common cosmetic surgeries in the world and concerns must be given to both functional and aesthetic results. One of the many problem that occur after rhinoplasty is internal nasal valve collapse. To evaluate the effect of spreader graft in septorhinoplasty on both aesthetic and functional results. Prospective, interventional and comparative study conducted on 55 patients, groupâ… (27patients) underwent septorhinoplasty with spreader graft placement and groupâ…ˇ (28 patients) underwent septorhinoplasty without spreader graft placement. Patients evaluation was done by questionnaire including (ROE score and NOSE scale), clinical examination and photo documentation both pre and post operatively for both aesthetic and functional results. According to NOSE scale (nasal obstruction symptoms evaluation) and clinical examination, there was an improvement in the nasal patency in both groups, the NOSE scale improvement in non spreader graft group was (28) degree but the improvement in spreader graft group was (50) degree. According to ROE score (rhinoplasty outcome evaluation), and photo documentation, patients in the current study were satisfied regarding their nasal appearance but patient satisfaction was better in spreader graft group. Spreader graft can improve nasal patency after septorhinoplasty by prevention of internal nasal valve collapse and improve aesthetic result by maintenance of smooth dorsal aesthetic lines.