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Abstract : Thalassemia is a hereditary haemoglobinopathy, chronic disorder requiring blood transfusion for lifelong that cause financial and emotional burden on the family and society. This study was done to assess level of awareness in the caregivers of thalassemic patients to ameliorate their experience in caring their child. A cross sectional descriptive study was conducted in AL-Karama and IbnAL- Baladi thalassemia centers in Baghdad from november2020-june 2021 in which 220 caregivers of thalassemia intermedia patients were interviewed to assess their level of awareness, the practice they exert regarding to blood transfusion, iron over load and its treatment. 52% of the caregivers had good awareness, 46% had fair awareness and2%had poor awareness level. 11.8% thinks blood transfusion must be given from time to time, 28.4% thinks iron overload means increase level of iron in the body, Liver cirrhosis and heart failure was the most important complication of iron overload if not treated as 88% of care givers declare, chelating agents was one of the treatments of iron overload for 97.3%, Oral or subcutaneous chelating agents we rementioned by 99.1%as types of treatment, 98.2% know that serum ferritin and type of thalassemia was the most indicators for patients to take chelating agents, About 11.8% of patients stated that chelating agents prescribed according to patients will and his parents, burning sensation in site of injection and GIT upset was one of side effects of chelating agents in the opinion of 67.3%, 84.5% consult a doctor before stop treatment when side effect appears, 50% of studied sample stated that they are going to change treatment from one type to another if liver enzymes elevated,77.3%knows that the treatment is lifelong. Age and educational level were significant predictors in relation to level of awareness of the caregivers; Majority of caregivers had good level of awareness and enough knowledge about thalassemia, Management should include comprehensive education and increase level of awareness between caregivers and patients them selves and enhancement of management strategies existed. To assess the level of awareness among caregivers with thalassemia intermedia. To assess level of awareness about thalassemia intermedia complication (iron overload) and the types of it’s treatment, it’s side effect. To findout associations between socio-demographic variables and awareness inthalassemic intermedia patients.