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Abstract : The numbers of older people have been increasing but the attitudes towards them haven’t always been positive. This research aims to examine the attitudes of clinical-stage dental students towards older people and how some selected variables affect them during a nationwide conflict, and after the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Students in their last two years at Damascus University were surveyed using a custom questionnaire with Kogan’s scale. 673 questionnaires were collected. Despite the conflict and pandemic which were previously related to personality disorders; Syrian undergraduates’ attitudes towards older people tended to be slightly positive among those who were alike in general characteristics, had basic geriatric knowledge, and haven’t yet contacted with old patients. Students’ gender and internal displacement that forced them to live with older relatives didn’t significantly alter their psychological attitudes. The attitudes towards older people remained moderately positive during two highly stressful events. The findings were promising but further investigations and interventions should be considered.