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Abstract : The objective of this pilot study is to evaluate the clinical and radiographic outcomes of using iodoform-calcium hydroxide paste in non-instrumentation endodontic treatment methods for necrotic deciduous molars. Twelve patients, aged between 4-8 years old, with a total of fifteen mandibular primary molars exhibiting necrotic pulp and interradicular lesions, were included in this study. The Vitapex® pulpotomy technique was employed for treatment, without any root canal preparation. Clinical follow-up examinations were conducted at 1, 3, and 6 months, while radiographic evaluations were performed at 3 and 6 months. The results of the pilot study provided conclusive evidence indicating a high level of clinical efficacy, with an impressive success rate of 80% observed over a span of six months. More specifically, the study revealed that 42.85% of the cases exhibited complete resolution of the furcation lesion, while an additional 21.4% displayed an increase in radiolucency. Furthermore, 35.7% of the cases demonstrated a consistent level of radiolucency with no clinical findings throughout the study period. Non-instrumentation endodontic treatment (NIET) using Vitapex® has shown promising results in the treatment of necrotic primary molars, with favorable clinical outcomes and satisfactory radiographic success.