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Abstract : This study aimed to conduct an evaluation of a cross-sectional study with the purpose of knowing the methods of treatment utilized and outcomes for patients with comminuted mandibular fractures due to missile injury. Collaborated with Ghazi Al-Hariri Teaching Hospital. For this study, (50) patients, (48) males and (two) females aged ranged between from 18 - 47 years old (mean = 28.2) that fulfilled the inclusion criteria were participated in this study. Complications occurred in (48%) of the patient, and the highest proportion of patients that showed postoperative complications was those who had developed an infection in (30%) and malocclusion in (18%). Open reduction illustrated more complications than closed reduction, and the complication rate for patients undergoing closed reduction with MMF was (16%) and for patients treated with open reduction and stable internal fixation was (32%), but with no significant association between the two methods (p > 0.05).