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Abstract : Creating a Healthy School environment requires the involvement and participation of practically everyone in the school-Students administrators, Teachers, School Counsellors, School Nurses, nutrition services worker. In addition, as well as custodial and maintenance staff schools depend on the involvement of families and environmental, public health, public safety, public welfare, and other community agencies (Axelrad, 2006). Quantitative design, descriptive study was conducted in Rania City schools. aim of the study to assess the school’s physical environment and determine schools need regarding physical environment in Sulaymaniyah province/ Rania City. For proper collection of data, purposive random sampling was selected for the study include 30 schools in Rania City. A questionnaire was developed, for the purpose of the study, the first part includes demographic characteristics of schools while the second part include school physical environment which consist of 10 domains; the surrounding environment, school building, school area, school fence, school cleanliness, school garden, the school yard, fire extinguisher, classroom, and water cycle. These domains ruled under 36 items. A panel study of 8 experts where involve of different universities to confirm validity; reliability was confirmed through stability test-retest process with r=0.73. Data were analyzed through application both descriptive and inferential statistics find out level of standardization of physical environment among schools. The study revealed that public schools are less qualified. Basic on the study recommended that specific attention can be made to all schools regarding the physical environment in order to maintain safe and risk-free learning environment and the new discovered model can be used as guide for future work.