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Abstract : The purpose of the research is to identify the types of injuries, the level of body fitness and to establish patterns of volleyball passing for high school age. In addition, this research and development was carried out to obtain in-depth data on the types of injuries, fitness levels and applications of volleyball passing forms for high school ages and to identify the efficiency, ability and reach of students in the form they are made of. This research is included in descriptive research. The population in this research and development was high school students in Makassar City consisting of 5 high schools, 15 volleyball players in each high school. The sample of the study was 75 determined by the Slovin formula and selected randomly. The instruments used in the study were a questionnaire, as well as a test instrument for the level of physical fitness and volleyball passing consisting of lower passing and upper passing which were used to collect volleyball passing data for high school aged children, while the stages in this research and development were, at stage: (1) needs analysis, (2) expert evaluation (initial product evaluation); (3) limited trials (small group trials); and (4) main trials (field testing). The comparative analysis test used is the parametric statistical test. And the percent value for the effectiveness of volleyball passing, injuries and the level of physical fitness obtained. From the results of the study, it can be concluded the injury factor for students of State Senior High Schools in the City of Makassar is categorized as good, the level of physical fitness of students is categorized as medium, the level of student volleyball passing is categorized as good, the student volleyball passing pattern model is very effective.