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Abstract : The national social security system and social security administering body require careful readiness by the health insurance providers, such as hospitals. National health insurance program is a pre-effort financing pattern, meaning that health financing is issued before or not when you are sick. Issues of financial sustainability of pro-poor policies must be maintained to reach universal health coverage even though sometimes many countries experience serious financial problems. Dr. FL. Tobing General Hospital Sibolga is one of the hospitals that provide services for the National Health Insurance. This study was to determine the Readiness of Dr. FL. Tobing General Hospital Sibolga in the Implementation of the 2021 National Health Insurance Policy. This study was a qualitative approach. Eleven informants were involved. Data were collected using interviews, observation, and documentation review. The results found that health personnel resources in implementing the health insurance program have been able to fulfill health services effectively. It is hoped that the head of the provincial health office will carry out the process of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the health insurance policy.