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Abstract : The most extensively studied of these adverse reactions is anxiety, and significant levels of anxiety affect the physiological and psychological health of children. Excessive anxiety also hinders the success of children in engaging with medical care and raises their reluctant actions and unfavorable feelings toward healthcare specialists. The provision of nursing care is one of a nurse's obligations to pediatric patients undergoing hospitalization focusing on atraumatic care, namely therapeutic care by providing interventions to minimize stressors, maximizing the benefits of hospitalization, providing psychological and physiological support to family members, and preparing children before being hospitalized. Nurses must collaborate with the family to develop the best plan of care for a child. Based on these results, the intervention group which received treatment through watching animated videos saw significantly larger reductions in anxiety levels than the control group, which merely received standard care. So based on these changes, it can be concluded that there is a difference in the average pre-post-test level of anxiety between the intervention and the control group.