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Abstract : Soil is a place where various microorganisms live and is also a foothold for some living things on land. One of the causes of mercury metal pollution in the soil is the illegal gold mining (PETI) industry waste. The problem formulation in this research is whether or not there is mercury (Hg) content in the soil around the gold mining area in Dunggilata Village. Therefore, the study aims at analysing the mercury (Hg) content in the soil in Dunggilata Village, Bulawa Subdistrict, Bone Bolango District. This is a survey research with a descriptive design. The samples are selected by applying purposive sampling where the samples amounted to 8 is calculated using AAS (Atomic absorption spectroscopy) method and are analysed by univariate data analysis. Research finding reveals that there is mercury content in soil with various levels of content, namely sample 1 for 4.2938, sample 2 for 2.8444, sample 3 for 0.0085, sample 4 for 0.0134, sample 5 for 0.0121, sample 6 for 0.0094, sample 7 for 0.0088, and sample 8 for 0.0062. In conclusion, the mercury pollution rate in soil has exceeded the critical threshold value at sample points1 and 2, while the sample points 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 remain in the normal threshold. As recommendation, the community is suggested to use separate sewerage from the gold mining sewer.