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Abstract : There are several factors influencing the ability of a mother to produce breast milk, especially the intake of nutrients consumed by the mother.4 Adequate intake of nutrients for breastfeeding mothers is very important because it is a source of nutrients needed for the nutritional adequacy of mothers and babies who are breastfed. This study aims to improve the pattern of nutrient consumption by developing a variety of menus based on local food ingredients to meet the nutritional requirements of pregnant women. This research was carried out using mixed methods, namely research that combines 2 types of approaches which were quantitative and qualitative. This research was conducted in the village of Tepin Panah, Subdistrict, which is a remote area in West Aceh Regency. In developing balanced menus based on local food, it is necessary to explore local food ingredients in the research area, including the types of food, both plant and animal food sources, access to their acquisition, processing techniques and the quality of the nutritional content of local food ingredients for pregnant women.