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Abstract : The tools of the medical record is an indicator of hospital quality services which is very important for the service process which carried out by medical personnels and affects the hospital quality services. Whether it is good or bad, health services at hospital will be reflected in the tools of medical record. This study used mixed methods with sequential explanatory approach. The sampling technique was probability sampling with Simple random sampling technique. The sample in quantitative research was 97 medical personnels and 6 research informants. Quantitative research showed that there was correlation among Knowledge (p=0.021), Motivation (p=0.003), and Work procedure (p=0.010) to the tools of to fulfill medical record for inpatient care patients with Covid-19. Meanwhile, Working time (p=0.611) and supervision (p=0.412) had no correlation. The results of qualitative research concluded that from the results of interview with 6 respondents, the understanding about medical record was very good but this understanding was not in line with the available evidence. There are still many findings of medical record documents that are found incomplete, especially on medical resume forms and cppt. From five variables, only knowledge, motivation, and work procedure associated with the tools of the medical record documents for Covid-19 patients. It is hoped that the hospital management can evaluate and monitor medical personnels who work to complete medical record documents by conducting regular meeting with related units as well as the Hospital to be able to implement electronic medical record according to Minister of Health Regulation No 24 of 2022.