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Abstract : The Integrated Service Post (Posyandu) is a meeting point between professional services from health workers and community participation in tackling public health problems, especially in efforts to maintain good health status for the elderly. The role of cadres in organizing the elderly Posyandu is as an activity planner, communicator, mobilizer and service provider. This study aims to analyze the factors that influence the participation of the Elderly Posyandu at the Tulehu Health Center. This type of research is a qualitative research with a cross sectional study approach. Respondents in this study were obtained using the purposive sampling method as many as 227 elderly using a questionnaire in the form of a questionnaire. Data processing was carried out using SPSS and for data analysis using statistical tests using descriptive statistical tests, comparative analysis tests and multivariate analysis tests. The results showed that the knowledge factor, the need for health services in the elderly had a significant effect on the participation of the elderly in the elderly Posyandu in the working area of the Tulehu Health Center. The variable need for health services in the elderly is the variable that has the strongest relationship compared to other variables. Meanwhile, the family support variable has no relationship with the participation of the elderly in the elderly Posyandu. Suggestions from this study are for elderly posyandu cadres and officers at the health center, especially in the working area of the Tulehu Health Center, it is hoped that they can make supporting activities or improve elderly posyandu services so that they motivate the elderly to participate in elderly posyandu activities such as creating creative handicraft activities, providing additional food, doing arisan for the elderly, routine and complete health checks, as well as specifically for cadres to be more active and active in socializing and making the activities of the elderly posyandu successful.