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Abstract : Indonesia falls into the category of developing countries with healthcare inequalities. One of the main factors is the limitation of human resources for health, infrastructure facilities, and medical devices. This study aims to identify the needs of e-patients in internal medicine and surgical clinics at the Regional General Hospital of West Sulawesi Province. The research uses the qualitative method. Data were collected through in-depth interviews and focus group discussions. All interview was conducted in Indonesian and converted into a verbatim transcript afterward. Data were analyzed using the NVivo application. E-patient application is necessary for both patients and the doctors and other health workers involved to decrease patient waiting times and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their work. As a recommendation, the West Sulawesi Regional General Hospital should keep improving e-patient features and e-patient applications while maintaining patient data security through the e-patient application. The study concluded that an e-patient development is considered important and necessary because it makes it easier for patients and reduces waiting time, resulting in more effective and efficient hospital services.