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Abstract : The purpose of this study is to explore the environmental regulations implemented by China through technological innovation in order to maintain economic growth while protecting the environment, as well as international commitments in the Paris Agreement. Economic growth and the environment are viewed as oppositional, as economic growth is one of the primary causes of environmental problems. As the economy grows, so does the demand for resources, waste, and pollution. As analytical instruments for the objects in this study, the concepts used include environmental security, the Paris Agreement, and the green economy. The researchers employed qualitative methods with secondary data. According to the findings of this study, China prioritizes three major foundations in environmental regulation, which are the economy, society, and the environment. China strives to maintain economic development and growth while having a low environmental impact and supporting environmental improvement efforts. China is also strongly committed to the Paris Agreement, which calls on developed countries to lead and support developing countries in terms of capacity, finance, and technology transfer in confronting and resolving environmental issues.