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Abstract : There are a rising number of workers living with Cancer globally. The cancer burden projections indicate a potential gradual rise in the proportion of employees living with Cancer globally. The increase in employees' number proportion necessitates the need for the employees' issues identification and mitigation. The review develops a critical examination of some of the unique workplace issues faced by the employees' category and how the adoption of the organisational wellness programs improves the employees' wellbeing. The review collects secondary data from CINAHL, MEDLINE, Scopus, and Google Scholar, respectively. Key search words and phrases including Wellbeing programs AND resolving OR addressing AND workers living with cancer AND workplace issues were used. The review used the GRADE model to assess the review article quality and select the most applicable ones. An inclusion and exclusion criteria were used to determine the studies to include in the review analysis. The findings indicate that there are unique workplace issues facing workers living with Cancer. The key issues include the fear of victimisation, anxiety, stress, and health complications. The issues are more pronounced in this workers category than in other clusters. In addressing the issues, the review establishes that organisations used different wellness programs, including support groups, exercise, and medical screening and diagnosis programs. The review concludes that addressing the workers living with cancer work-related issues is critical in promoting their wellbeing both in the workplace and health-wise. Further, the focus should be on institutionalising wellness programs through a legal framework and policy guidelines.